Life Insurance Planning

Use this calculator to help you determine how much life insurance protection you may need.


Debt Payoff
How much money is needed to pay off the mortgage, car loans, credit cards, student loans and other debts?
Total Debt
Income Replacement
How many more years do your dependents need to rely on your income?
Current Annual Income
Number of Years
How much money is needed for your beneficiaries to complete their education?
Annual Expenses
Number of Education Years
Number of Beneficiaries
Final Expenses
How much money is needed to pay for medical, legal and funeral costs, including burial or cremation and other services?
Final Expenses
Additional Expenses
Existing Benefits
What is your estimated amount of Social Security survivors benefits?
Monthly Benefit
Number of Benefit Years
Investment Assets
What are your estimated after-tax assets? This includes savings accounts, retirement plans, stocks, bonds and annuities.
Estimated After-Tax Assets
Existing Life Insurance
What is the current amount of insurance you have through your employer and your individual life insurance policy(s)?
Current Amount of Life Insurance

This information is intended to help you analyze your financial needs, based on the information you provide. This service shall not imply that the company assumes any fiduciary duties. In addition, such service should not be relied upon as the only source of information.

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